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The Art of Reinvention

Celebs are masters at reinventing themselves for new seasons in their careers, and to gain better roles, learn how you can too on your personal stage!

The Secret to Creating a Bankable Brand

Celebs harness the power of their brands leading to multi-million dollar contracts, endorsements, and awards. It all starts with a stellar brand!

About Brandi Mitchell

Brandi is the catalyst for the creation of explosive platforms that yield multiple revenue streams enabling freedom to creatives, entrepreneurs, and experts through the The Platform Agency which is a division of her media company. Through The Platform Agency she consults individuals and companies with her signature program Package the Product of You® based off her book Look the Part to Get the Role®. She is the “secret sauce” that the top players in the entertainment, speaking, corporate, and entrepreneurial arenas choose when they are looking to build a profitable platform, up level their positioning, and build a powerful presence.

Brandi got her start as a celebrity makeup and hair artist in television and film working with some of the top celebrities and influencers. She successfully transitioned to CEO, author, national speaker, and most recently film producer and director by building off her creative talent and collaborative experiences to shift into being a content creator. Her passion is to empower others to fully maximize and monetize their talent, ideas, and expertise by creating space to explore the “what’s possible” in their lives and living the life they have imagined.

As a strategist, speaker, author, workshop leader, film producer and director, her work has touched the lives of thousands of people throughout the world.


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