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What every leader and entrepreneur needs to know to consistently and easily produce client attractive business videos that create real results led by The Brand Producer Brandi Mitchell

Produce Your Own Brand Academy with Brandi Mitchell is starting - SCHEDULE YOUR CALL TODAY

If You Are a Leader, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Consultant, Coach or Expert and Are Looking For a Way to Build Authority, Gain More Clients, and Connect With Your Clients Through Video ....This is For You

If any of this resonates with you, keep reading…

>> You’re already successful and have "paid your dues"  but you know that you could be doing more with your message and expertise. You are ready for your "next level".


>> You know how powerful video is today, and see it being used to advance others, and you know you have to learn how to make it a part of your business model. You want a stronger presence online so that your ideal clients and opportunities can easily recognize you and make an easy decision that you are their solution.


>> You KNOW you have been playing small and now is the time for greater visibility. Your message needs to reach more people.


>> Sometimes you find yourself stuck. Either underearning, not getting the larger opportunities you desire, or lacking the confidence to go to that next level you KNOW you're supposed to be at.

>> You’re currently coaching or consulting and would like to attract your ideal clients that you love working with. Key word Attract and NOT chase.

>> You make some videos now, and do some social media, but it seems like it takes too much time, you need a way to get it done easier.

Discover my easy to follow blueprint to achieve brand recognition and client loyalty by creating authentic videos and content that helps build your business and put you in a category of 1!

Simply put... IT'S TIME TO SHOW UP!!!

You are very aware of all the "voices" in the marketplace. Voices that if you were to be honest, have a fraction of the experience or value you can offer. The difference is they're getting their message out, they are being seen, and you feel now, more then ever, you need to make YOUR brand clear, noticed, and top-of-mind. The good news is what you have always visualized IS possible for you too, but you have to be willing to take control of your narrative and how you show up in the world. Someone right now is online, searching for EXACTLY what you have. But you have to decide to show up online and create easily shareable videos that you can leverage as marketing tools so they can FIND you. And that's what Produce Your Own Brand teaches you.


No matter where we are, we usually have our phones within hands reach (or in hand). Our phone screens have become the new stage for business and connection. When people connect with you through video, they feel like they know you. They are looking into your eyes, and when done right, they become a part of your ecosystem. This gives the business owner and expert a superb advantage. However some are still missing the impact and urgency to create videos consistently.

Do you need a video marketing strategy? Well ... The numbers don't lie....

  • By 2020, 80% of the internet traffic will be video
  • Video has 1200% more shares than text and images combined
  • Viewers retain 95% more information when watched in a video versus 10% in text
  • People spend 88% more time on a website with video
  • 54%, of people that use video in their brand and business achieve better brand awareness.
  • People that use video in their brand and business get 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • Almost 50% of web users look at a video before visiting a store.
  • 79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product.

The road to more visibility, connecting with your audience and potential clients, authority in your industry, and more sales leads to the same place: learning how to market yourself through video!

Imagine what life looks like when you have a direct funnel into your business of clients and opportunities waiting to work with you because they have already gotten to know you through your strategic video marketing strategy. Using the smart phone, computer, and social media as your "stage" allows for you to create opportunities offline. The potential is limitless.


In Produce Your Own Brand™ I show you how to be in control of your narrative by "producing" your brand in a way that is authentic, memorable, and provides positioning.  Our innovative system is taken out of the television and film industry.  We show you how to incorporate a "producers mindset"  into your video marketing to get things done, shape your stories, and move people.  We teach you how to connect consistently... so you can turn audiences into raving, loyal fans.


Many people are doing video, but NOT the correct way and in the right sequence to get the results they want!




You have to understand your customers journey, and lead them down that road, meeting them with the appropriate video at each stage.


The key is in creating  your BPVMS - Brand Producers Video Marketing System!

When You Learn How to Create Your BPVMS You Will Gain:



Build Connection & Loyal Relationships


Have Your Client Choose You Easily, Close More Deals,
Be in a Category of 1 and Eliminate Your Competition


Save Time By Learning How To Work Smarter, Not Harder through a system that allows you to get more done and free up your need to be on social media and online all the time with little results.

Brandi Mitchell's Produce Your Own Brand ® Video Marketing Training Program includes:


+ 5  content-rich classes held online in the comfort of your own home or office.

( The classes will be recorded in case you can't make the live session)

+ Five-week online Video Marketing TRAINING with Brandi in all 5 classes of the Produce Your Own Brand® content. Each class includes exercises, demonstrations with Brandi, handouts and more.

+ Done-for-You downloadable exercises, templates and scripts and handouts you can  and use with your own videos.

Produce Your Own Brand Academy with Brandi Mitchell is starting - SCHEDULE YOUR CALL TODAY

What You Will Learn in Produce Your Own Brand

Class #1: Producing 101 - Developing The Producers Mindset for Your Brand

+ The secret behind what makes Produce Your Own Brand® such a powerful resource for the new demand for video and connection online

+ How to become the face of your business and share more of your story through video

+ The three components of video you MUST have

This class will help you gain "a producers mindset" and start looking at everything you share for the value, story, and your desired outcome.

Class #2: How to Create a Video Marketing System to Attract Clients & Build Brand Awareness

+ The exact formula that produces brand loyal customers using video that creates brand authority, lead generation, and converts clicks into currency.

+ Learn our video marketing strategy that shows you exactly what video you need to create to get the desired result. Includes templates and samples.

+ What videos you can do on your own, and which one's you may want to hire out.

In this class, I share The Brand Producers Video Marketing Strategy System, which teaches you how to use video in all 5 Phases of the client's journey to become a fan and client in your business.

Class #3: Creating Content That Connects, Converts and Builds Authority in Your Industry

+ How to create clear marketing messages in your video that attracts your ideal client/customer.

+ How to come up with great ideas and content for your videos that your customers want to see.

+ How to plan, organize, and shoot your content where you save time but get LOADS of videos done at one time.

+ How to utilize scripts to show up powerfully and authentically.

In this class you will learn what you need to know to produce compelling video content for your business and brand videos.

Class #4: Simple Filming Techniques, Equipment & Set Up for Home/Office Studio and On-the-Go

+ How to set up your own mini studio in your home or office

+ What equipment you need to shoot your videos (even on a budget) Equipment List included

+ Set up instructions for cameras, tripods, lights, microphones, teleprompters

+ Tips for shooting on the go.

Everything you need to know to set up your own home/office studio for filming your business videos and film successfully.


Class #5 Marketing On Social & Beyond: Marketing and Distributing Your Videos on Social Media and For Positioning

+ How to distribute your videos on social, to prospective clients, and opportunities

+ The various versions of your videos you will need to create for sharing on different platforms.

+ How to Create a Content Marketing Calendar

This class covers where to upload, publish, and promote your videos, for visibility, positioning, and reaching your intended audience.


Worksheets, Templates, and Scripts

 Dozens of downloadable, done-for-you, step-by-step exercises, handouts, checklists, scripts, templates, examples and more

5 Live Calls with Q&A

Week-by-week online TRAINING with Brandi in all 5 classes of the the Produce Your Own Brand® program.

UPGRADE OPPORTUNITY: Production Day in Atlanta


Production Day in Atlanta

Filming and Photoshoots are our specialty, so of course I had to create an opportunity to do Produce Your Own Brand LIVE! Join me for this two-day, production shoot and training where I will help you show up confidently and authentically on camera through media coaching  as we shoot your BRAND TRAILER or SALES PROMO Video, and give you a BRAND Photoshoot.



Day One: Meet & Greet, Media Training & Rehearsals

Meet your fellow classmates as we prepare each of you for your shoot the following day. Each person has the opportunity to receive media training and direction from Brandi as they rehearse their actual script.

Day Two: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Now that you have been prepped for your video, it's time to make the magic happen!

This is where you get to SHOW UP.

The day starts off with the celebrity treatment as you go work with our amazing team starting with our professional makeup artist so that you will be camera ready.

You will move through your photo looks and then we will film your video. You will also gain extra knowledge by watching your fellow classmates do their shoot. Within two weeks you will have your photos and video!

So that we can give proper attention to each person, we only accept a very intimate group of people so spaces will fill quickly.


Media Training & Rehearsal

Brand Photo Shoot

Brand Story or Sales Video

Produce Your Own Brand Academy with Brandi Mitchell is starting - SCHEDULE YOUR CALL TODAY


Brandi Mitchell is a Brand Producer®, Image Expert, 4X Author, Coach, and Filmmaker. Brandi has been an authority in the branding arena helping emerging and established entrepreneurs make the transition from brilliant and broke to packaged and profitable since she's done it herself going from celebrity makeup and hair artist to turning her passion and expertise into a brand empire including books, film, a media company, branding, coaching, and consulting. Brandi is the President of KORIS Media, and founder of the Package the Product of You® Brand & Business Academy and Produce Your Own Brand®. Her courses, consulting and coaching equip entrepreneurs, and influencers to be seen, heard, felt, and paid for their expertise and gain the confidence to become the celebrity of their industry. Brandi is a veteran of the TV and film industry and has worked on shows for TLC, TBS, BET, MTV, and TV ONE and been a speaker or featured on CBS, FOX, O! Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, The Michael Baisden Show, and Reach Media.

Brandi counts her greatest success as being happily married to the love of her life for over 20 years, being a Mom, and being able to sustain work life balance while achieving her dreams doing what she loves.


Want to Hire KORIS Media and Brandi Mitchell as your Brand Producer for your Brand and Business?

Brandi and her team take on a select number of one-on-one clients and projects throughout the year. Many clients enlist Brandi and KORIS Media to serve as their in house video production arm for their time-sensitive event or for the year. Schedule a call to discuss the options that best suit your desired outcomes.

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Produce Your Own Brand Academy with Brandi Mitchell is starting - SCHEDULE YOUR CALL TODAY


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