The Package the Product of You ® Academy gives you the mentorship and the proven, step-by-step process you need to build a six-figure business from your brand and expertise so you can do meaningful work AND create a life you love.

Learn to create an Iconic brand, business, and life that impacts the world and allows you to be paid well for being YOU!

In 8 weeks you can create a lucrative, soulful and richly rewarding business doing what you love.


Create a Purpose-Driven, Passion Led Business

Imagine creating a prosperous business that you really, really love - on your own terms and time schedule.

Be Paid Well To Be YOU

Transfer what you know and are passionate about into your own signature programs and packages that will allow you to make money anywhere - on autopilot.

A Step-by-Step Easy to Implement Brand & Business Program That Gets Results

Imagine being able to confidently hit the ground running with new marketing, a new brand, and a simple plan which consistently creates new clients, new opportunities, and provides time freedom.




In the Package the Product of You ® brand and business academy you will learn how to confidently and skillfully brand, package, price and develop the money mindset to transfer "what you do and know" into a bankable brand empire.


Our graduates are successfully using what they've learned in the Package the Product of You® academy to create a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS based off their talent, skill, and expertise that they are 100% in love with! 

If you're a passionate, visionary entrepreneur on a mission and want to take your business to the next level, I would like to invite you to join a powerful business and branding experience....


I have been exactly where you are right now. So I know that you are looking for real results and solutions.

When I first launched my business, I made some very costly mistakes and wasted valuable time.  It was not for a lack of expertise or drive that I became overwhelmed, but because I lacked the structure, systems, and accountability - it needed to be simplified for me.

I needed a mentor-someone who had already been through it all to help guide me.

And, I needed a step-by-step way of packaging my expertise where I could start making money asap, I didn't have the time or resources to figure out all the facebook ad strategies, or build a list of 10,000! Can you relate?

If so, I invite you to join me in my exclusive Package the Product of You Academy to create a business that works for YOU and gives you the life you want.

No more piecing things together, no more time wasted, you've finally found the program that will allow you to actualize your next level.


Here’s just a peek at what your business looks like when we work together:

  • You have lucrative, client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and your unique way of working with clients
  • You’re charging what you’re worth and love how good it feels to be free and no longer over-delivering
  • Your new pricing structures are adding income to your bank account with every new client
  • You have crystal clear clarity about your niche, and feel excited every day to only be working with clients you love, and who appreciate YOU and your expertise
  • Your Brand Archetypes make it fun and exciting to capture your unique spirit, personality and passion in all of your marketing
  • You feel aligned and confident about your brand and how easy it is to powerfully and authentically stand out from the crowd
  • Your new mindset about money perfectly aligns with your goals and is powerfully supporting you to reach them
  • You feel confident, calm and relaxed talking with prospective clients, knowing exactly what to say when it comes to the money part
  • You enjoy working in your business, now that all the puzzle pieces are lined up for your success


As a Brand Producer® I help to take brands from idea to implementation to income. In the Package the Product of You® Academy, we go through 4 Stages of Brand and Business Development.


Being able to know who you are, what sets you apart, your value, and look the part.


Taking your brand and expertise and making it teachable and reachable, and most of all - leveraged.


Creating a brand empire that provides a simple and predictable way to bring in consistent money monthly.


Taking strategic action to share your story and message, present your value, serve your audience, and attract your tribe.

You want to get paid well for your expertise, experience, and influence - doing what you love and on your own terms - in a way that will allow you to earn repeatable, predictable revenue with ease, and you are:





And, What You Really Want is :


Choose Your Path...

Decide the level of support you need from us in the Package the Product of You® Academy.

Silver Tier

The Silver Tier of Package the Product of You® includes everything you need to reach the next level of your business, including a carefully designed 8 week, step-by-step curriculum created and facilitated by Brandi, a workbook to go with each module full of exercises, templates and more so you can easy implement what you are learning with Brandi, 8 Group Coaching Calls, and a structured roadmap to support you in strategically and sustainably growing your business.

You’ll go through each of the 4 stages of Business and Brand development with Brandi (Brand Me, Package Me, Monetize Me, and Market Me) and with support and guidance create a brand and business you love.

Our goal is to have you make back your investment as quickly as possible, and then double (or even triple) it, so that you can hit the 6-figure mark and beyond with consistent income and a business that’s ready to scale within 12 months or sooner.

Gold Tier (Additional Coaching & Support) 

The Gold Tier is intended for those who want to create accelerated results with more exclusive 1:1 support, insight and collaboration. With the Gold Tier Upgrade, you receive more personal attention to accelerate your learning - and your implementation - even further.

The Gold Tier of Package the Product of You® includes the same training curriculum,  and group coaching as the Silver Tier (all the benefits and bonuses of the Silver Tier are included at this level). Gold Tier members get additional benefits, including 4 one-on-one private coaching calls with Brandi, plus unlimited email access. Gold Members also receive an Iconic Branding Session with Brandi that includes their own customized Brand Guide we create for you.



You Will Learn How to:

  • Discover and understand your brand archetype, and how to utilize it as a distinctive voice in your marketing, look, and conversation.
  • Confidently choose your website design and images, write attention- getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you're not a writer!)
  • Define Your Unique Brilliance: How to Make it really easy for people to understand and “get” who you are and what you do.
  • Discover Your Undeniable “ Stand Out from the Crowd” Brand Voice marketing so that your brand stays consistent and memorable.
  • Create an authentic marketing message (you'll love the template I’ll coach you through that teases out the right words for you to use)
  • Quickly get out of "niche overwhelm" so you can start attracting new clients with freedom, clarity and confidence
  • Reveal your most lucrative niche (it's often hidden gold and I'll coach you through an exciting process to discover it so you can rapidly begin increasing your income and open up new opportunities to thrive)


You Will Learn How to:

  • Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients. ​
  • Design Your Irresistible Premium Package: Step by step, transform that "thing you do" into an exciting signature system that is easy to market and enroll new clients.
  • Step by step, create packages based on results instead of "process" or time (there is a simple strategy for this you'll learn in the training - complete system included).
  • Eliminate "what do I offer" overwhelm, clarifying your most profitable path to cash.
  • Learn how to stop overloading your packages, freeing you from feeling drained and over-delivering


You Will Learn How to:

  • Layout Your 6-Figure Profit Pyramid
  • Shift out of the trading time for dollars model and into the mindset of owning your value.
  • Trim the number of days worked each month, freeing your time and increasing your happiness.
  • Re-energize your offers with packages that are client attractive, highly appealing and practically sell themselves.
  • Confidently talk about your packages using results-based words (sample scripts included).



You Will Learn How to:

  • Create Your Client- Attractive Marketing Message & Offer
  • Overcome any fear of what to say when discussing your new offer to ideal clients
  • Quickly create a pool of new, potential clients you can connect with
  • Confidently debut your new packages & fees to your ideal clients (including what to say).
  • Discover & Implement Your 2-3 Ideal Marketing Strategies
  • Decide on Your Free Gift & Your Customers Sales Journey
  • Create your Signature Talk and Webinar
  • Gain Clients and Fill Your Program Through Discovery Sessions
  • Assess and Up-level Your Image through Brand Photos and Refining of Look
  • Create a simple action plan that eliminates procrastination and keeps you moving forward signing on new clients month after month

Let’s recap and look at everything you get in your Package the Product of You Training Program:


6 Content Rich Modules

Week-by-week online TRAINING with Brandi in all 6 modules of the Package the Product of You® platinum program

Easy to follow Curriculum

Easy to follow curriculum designed to get you earning money through your bankable brand and business complete with videos, audios, handouts, and more

Inspiring accountability exercises to practice what you're learning

Dozens of downloadable, done-for-you, step-by-step exercises, handouts, checklists, scripts, templates, examples and more

Group Coaching Calls

(8) Weekly Group Coaching Calls for Q&A with Brandi




Throughout our coaching together, you will experience incredible transformation in your mindset and beliefs, supporting you in attracting ideal clients and making more money in your business.

For example, I’ll coach you to:

  • Get "unhooked" from emotional triggers so you can make decisions with grace and ease
  • See challenging situations from a fresh perspective so you can make new, authentically powerful and aligned choices
  • Create heartfelt, unstoppable motivation and commitment to reaching your goals and dream
  • Let go of perfectionism and overwhelm so you can ‘switch’ off and enjoy life outside of your business

In this coaching upgrade you'll receive:

  • (4) ‘Keep you on track’ private coaching sessions with Brandi
  • Iconic Brand Session with Brandi

SPECIAL Pay in Full Bonus :

Brandi's Look the Part to Get the Role®Visual Brand Makeover Strategy Session 1 hr. Session (value $1497)


PLUS... with both the silver & gold tier programs you receive these generous BONUSES, included in this training, valued at over $9,000!



ROI (Return On Investment) Marketing Training 

You'll learn simple, easy ways to market your new brand and business, including our favorite blueprints that outline FOR you exactly what steps to take, even a presentation outline and suggested script. All this saves you tons of time and energy!

You'll also receive bonus training on how to begin offering your programs and enrolling new clients even before you complete the 6-month training.

VALUE: $3,000



Speaking/Presentation Outline Training

Done-for-You Speaking/Presentation outline, showing you step-by-step, how to confidently deliver a signature talk based on your brand and signature system and - all Done-for-You!

VALUE: $2,000




Done-For-You Discovery Session Content Outline

This is content you'll use to make your complimentary discovery or strategy sessions to convert more prospective clients into paying clients without over delivering or giving away free content and coaching. VALUE: $1,000




Done-for-You VIP Day Outlines

VIP Days provide amazing right now cash to your business even without a big list or even a website, and I provide you with Done-for-You VIP Day outlines, showing you step-by-step, how to confidently deliver a VIP Day with your new content (includes both virtual and live VIP Day outlines, all Done-for-You.)

VALUE: $2,500


The Founder of The Package the Product of You Academy: Brandi Mitchell

Brandi Mitchell is a brand producer and business coach, the founder of The Package the Product of You Academy and the Iconic Brand System, President of Koris Media, 3-time author, speaker, and filmmaker.

She is known as the "secret sauce" to the the top speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs, helping them to go the next level in their brand and business. Brandi has worked or been featured in Entrepreneur, O! Oprah Magazine,  Black Enterprise, worked with companies such as L'Oreal, TV One, Reach Media, with numerous celebrities and experts,  and the nations top speakers and coaches.

She is a former celebrity makeup and hair artist and one of the nation's leading marketing & branding professionals.

She recently produced, directed, and marketed her ground-breaking film across the country to sold out audiences. The key to it's success was in her storytelling, creating a movement, branding and marketing strategy.

She has done all of this while raising her 16-year-old son, being happily married to her husband for over 20 years, and designing a business that supports the life she wants to live as a devoted wife, mother, friend, and believer.


Now is the time for you to create your own economy. It's time for you to greenlight your ideas, and get paid well for being you! 

If You Want to Make Money From Your Expertise and Influence by Transferring What You Know and are Passionate about into Your Own Signature Programs and Packages that Will Allow You to Make Money on Autopilot, Reclaim Your Time, and Charge What You're Worth and Get it PLUS Stand Out From the Crowd — Then Join Me In The Package the Product of You® Platinum Program!​

The next step is easy… click below to request a personal conversation to see if being in the exclusive Package the Product of You® Platinum Program is a fit for you.

There is no risk and no pressure (I promise!). 



As a result of this personal conversation, you'll know if being a part of the Package the Product of You® Platinum Program is the right for you and you can make your final decision.
I believe in you and I urge you not to let this pass you by!

This is your moment to join in this exciting revolutionary movement that is happening right now: By being a part Package the Product of You® Platinum Program.

Click here to schedule a personal conversation to see if being in the  Package the Product of You® Platinum Program is right for you.

To Your Beautiful Success,




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